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Angel Fair 2017
About Us
Creativity and Joy

Artist behind all bells is Ivana Novakovic. Went to art school in young age, and later finished Economics. Travelling, bicycle rides and art as passion brings idea for hand painted bicycle bells. Main help in selling them on different markets comes from her brother Uros Novakovic.  

Taking up cycling could be one of the best decisions you ever make


Markets we participated

Designmarkt Edelstoff Vienna

The Edelstoff design market at the Marx Halle Vienna, invites you to come and browse 150 designers from Austria and abroad who are represented on the market with their accessories, fashion, jewelry, product design, and art. On sale are mostly sophisticated creations by independent labels, which are otherwise unavailable from regular retailers.


WAMP Vienna and Budapest

We are keen to present talented Hungarian creators internationally as well cooperating with artists worldwide. Since 2014. we have been organising regular fairs in the inner city of Vienna at Museumsquare with more hundred designers from the Middle-European region.


Holy Shit Shopping Market  - Berlin

Holy Shit Shopping is one of the best among the markets in Berlin. For one weekend, about 340 artists, designers and creative folks offer their products for sale at the Arena Berlin in Treptow while DJs play electronic music in the background. 


Katapult festival Belgrade

Katapult Festival takes place through year in center of Belgrade. With 100 exshibitors it is place where you can find souvenirs, handcarafted products, jewelry and much more. Today it is one of the biggest handcraft markets in Belgrade.

Belgrade night Market

Belgrade Night Market is a manifestation that takes place on city markets in the evening. Beside grocery sellers, there are restaurants, young designers, delicatessen producers, artists, winemakers and other caterers who are also exhibiting on the market. An ordinary green market becomes the biggest restaurant and the largest art exhibition under the open sky, during the night.

Argus Bike festivall

The biggest bicycle festival in Europe


Bells handpainted