Unique handpainted bicycle bells

If you need a unique and wacky bike bell, you're in the right place. Hand-painted bells come from the creative workshop Cin Cin Bells in Serbia. Create your own collection of stylish bells and take your pet on two wheels to new adventures. Cin Cin bells brings joy and fun like unique outdoor accessories. Our wish is to inspire more people to get outside and enyoj healthy, active lifestyle. Changing our bad habits will bring us closer to making our lives more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY

We ship our bells with love to customers around the world.

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The new style for your Bicycle bell.

Cin Cin Bells are small art pieces, hand painted, then sealed to ensure lasting color and durability. Each bell comes from the mind and hands of artist Ivana Novakovic.

The bells are made of steel with some plastic internal parts, and are easily attached to your handlebars using a screwdriver. 

Bell measures 2 inches in diameter, and fits standard diameter bicycle handlebars.

Bajs i zvonce - Ivana Novaković
Ivana Novakovic Cin Cin Bells
About Us
Innovative ideas, Over 300 stylish bells

Everything started in May 2015, when first bicycle bell was handpained. After 6 years of hard work, testing different technology of painting, our bells rings all around the World. From European countries souch as Germany, Austria, France, Poland... you can also find our bells in USA, Kazahstan, Canada, New Zealand, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Alaska, Japan,Russia, Israel... With over 300 different  patterns and motives handpainted and sealed on bells, you can order your CUSTOMISED bicycle bell. Artist behind all bells is Ivana Novakovic. These bike bells will make you and others smile and save your life in busy traffic. For now you can order bells by writting email on Contact page or Facebook and Instagram page. Also, you can find us on different Design markets in Germany, Austria, Serbia and Hungary.

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Custom design

You have different ideas, want to have something really special, write us on Contact page and we will answer soon. Price goes from 35 euro for each bell plus shipping costs to your country. These bike bells will make you smile and save your life in busy traffic. 

Unique design

350 different unique and stylish designs on bells. Chose your colour, size, and side on which you want your bell to be on handlebar, left or right... 

Gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas...

Need bells for different occasions such as Birthdays, Weddings... Chose from 350 designs, or make your own design for bell.

we build your ideas in reality

If you are living in USA, Australia, Europe, Africa...we can ship bells to your country. Contact Us for more informations 

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Our Best Projects
veliko zvono za bicikl
Martell House bike bell


Love my bell on my bicycle, looks gorgeous and it’s quite loud!

Claire Picton
Claire Picton London, United Kingdom

Bells ring in Japan, thanks a lot! 


Bells are so beautiful, brings joy and happines to everyone who gets it!

Guelph Kanada
ANDREA PORTT Guelph, ON, Canada